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It's really the most important piece of our puzzle. 

Peace of Mind - Quality things require and deserve pro-active upkeep and regular maintenance. All TechCare membership packages include a customized maintenance / update service plan.

TechCare can regularly and seamlessly connects to your system thru the cloud via our proprietary hub. We monitor, manage and secure all of your network-connected devices.

This allows us to proactively update and fix issues with any of your available devices that are online, and provides us with the secure information needed to troubleshoot any issues you experience with your Smart Home and fix many issues before you even know there was something wrong. 

We schedule regular monthly or quarterly 

In-home Service Calls to make adjustments & perform updates / maintenance that require eyes, ears & hands on-site. We have found thru experience that sometimes its less stressful for you if we handle it all from start to finish, that way we know for sure that you are good to go until we see you again next month. We are there for you and your family. Saturday calls are available and there is never an up-charge.

We have a limited number of
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We will stop by at a specific time (no hours long windows), we will discuss your issues, what you want, what will work best for you and strike a deal right then and there and get you on the schedule to put it all in within a week's time. We will then be back with all your gear, get it installed and running smoothly and stay as long as it takes to make sure you are comfortable with everything. We will, we promise!
OR, get to know us at our Scottsdale Road & Shea conference room in a safe convenient setting with no distractions, no pressure and no obligation to purchase.

As a Leading Custom Electronics Integrator with a long history in the Phoenix metro area, techcare grew out of our own frustrations with trying to keep our client's custom installed systems up to date, trouble free and operating smoothly. It's always been a serious challenge and as the complexity of these systems continues to increase, it's not getting any easier. Thoughtful Smart Home System Design & Maintenance is the key!


We know that you love what technology can do for you...

but only when it's working smoothly.

Almost anyone can benefit from our help 

in dealing with their on-going struggles with technology.

We’re not here to sell you. We're here to solve problems.

It’s such a different conversation.

We will be there with you for the long term, to help and to serve. 

It’s about working with you in a genuine way. Helping you get to a working solution. 


So, when you are ready to remove most of the frustration that technology can cause, click on the MAKE APPOINTMENT button above, so we can get this whole thing figured out. 

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