Our approach has been that we do it based on the number of endpoints that we want to manage for the customer–endpoints being the devices in the house,” he said. “So we’ll have a conversation about ‘Here’s all the stuff in your house, maybe you have 200 endpoints. But really we don’t need to monitor everything, so let’s get this down to a chunk of stuff that makes the most sense for you.’ And then the next variable is how many times a month…a quarter…or a year do you want us to check these things? Basically, how needy are you? If it’s a summerhouse, maybe you’re only needy twice a year. But if you’re living there all the time, you’re going to be a little more needy, so we’re going to have that conversation. And it’s just basic math, and what’s nice about that is that it’s a very easy conversation with the customer in the sense that it’s not based on a percentage of the system [price] or some other arbitrary number; you’re actually calculating it with them [making it easy to adjust to any budget].”

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